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Lord Dhanwantari

Definition :

Uttarbasti is introduction of medicated oil, kashayas etc into Urethra and in case of female into vagina  

Equipment used for Uttarbasti are :

a.   Bastinetra

b.   Bastiputak

c.   Basti praman : oily preparation for uttarbasti in twenty five years
       adult is one prakunch (4 tolas) which is about 40 ml  

Indication of Uttarbasti :

 According to Shushruta  

a.   Shukra Dhushti

b.   Menstrual irregularity

c.   Dysmenorrhoea

d.   Mutraghat and urinary disorders

e.   Vaginal disease

f.   Retained placenta

g.   Urinary calculus and crystals

h.  Pain in bladder, inguinal region, penis and other bladder diseases except the prameha.  

Uttarbasti Vidhi :  

1.  Purvakarma

2.  Pradhan karma 

3.  Pacchat karma