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Lord Dhanwantari
Female urethra is 4 cm long and 6 mm in diameter it begin at internal urethral orifice of bladder and runs antrioinferiorly behind the symphysis pubis embedded in the anterior wall of vagina. It transverse the perineal membrane and end at external urethral orifice and anterioposterior slit with prominent margin which is situated directly anterior to opening of vagina and 2.5cm behind the glans clitoridis many small urethral gland and lacunae open into the urethra.

On each side near the lower end of urethra, the numbers are grouped together and open into a duct named as paraurethral duct. Each duct run down in submucous tissue and ends in a small aperture on the lateral margin an external urethral meatus. The female urethra is much more radially dilatable than of male urethra. The passage of catheter or cystoscopy is much easier process.