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About Author: Ayurvedic Surgeon

Key Skills: Treatment of Urethral Stricture by Ayurvedic Parasurgical method i.e. Uttarbasti.

The author is working as a assistant professor in the subject of Shalyatantra (Surgery in Ayurveda) from last twenty years in Govt. Ayurvedic Colleges in Maharashtra state. He has previously worked at Nagpur & Osmanabad and currently working at Govt. Ayurved College, Nanded in Maharashtra, India.

He is involved in the field of research since 1992. He is working in the field of urology applying the innovative techniques from Ayurveda – the traditional health science of India. With special interest in Urethral Stricture, he has treated over 1500 patients from India and abroad. He has got immense success with the procedure of Uttarbasti in the condition of urethral stricture. Over 95 % patients have been cured.

Research work was accepted by NISCAIR and published in Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge (IPC Int.Cl7 : A61K35/78; A61K25/00; A61P13/02; A61P13/00. The work has been conducted under the scheme of Research Fellowship for Teachers, sponsored by Maharashtra University of Health Science, Nashik. The work has been successfully completed and uploaded on clinical trials.gov, an official website of National Institute of Health of US. Research work presented in MASICON surgeons’ conference and many national and international conferences.

This research work shows better results as compared to the present common techniques and could prove a blessing to the patients of urethral stricture (Mutra Marga Sankoch). Author is also working in the field of interstitial cystitis. The condition is treated by pure ayurvedic non invasive , parasurgical method.the different formulations of Uttarbasti are used in the treatment of this condition. The data of such patients will be uploaded soon.

Dr. Rajendra H. Amilkanthwar

Dr Rajendra H Amilkanthwar Ayurveda Doctor in Vazirabad

Acharya Sushrut – the father of surgery had mentioned excellent procedures for the management of many surgical disorders. Many herbal or mineral drugs are in use for several medical or surgical disorders since ancient times, particularly where modern line of treatment has limitations either in the form of recurrences or complications. The information is passed down by the word of mouth from generation to generation. To establish the effectiveness of these surgical and parasurgical procedures with full evidence, thorough scientific studies are required.

Urethral stricture is a condition where modern surgical or parasurgical procedures pose many difficulties and complications. Acharya Sushrut and Charak had recommended uttarbasti for the management of many urinary tract disorders. Uttarbasti is-

  • Per urethral administration of medicated oil or decoction
  • Simple, non invasive, OPD procedure.

Management of Urethral Stricture by Uttarbasti
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