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    Dr. Rajendra H. Amilkanthwar
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Definition :

Uttarbasti is introduction of medicated oil, kashayas etc into Urethra and in case of female into vagina

Equipment used for Uttarbasti are :

  • Bastinetra
  • Simple, non invasive, OPD procedure.
  • Basti praman : oily preparation for uttarbasti in twenty five years adult is one prakunch (4 tolas) which is about 40 ml

Indication of Uttarbasti :

According to Shushruta

  • Shukra Dhushti.
  • Menstrual irregularity.
  • Dysmenorrhoea.
  • Mutraghat and urinary disorders.
  • Vaginal disease.
  • Retained placenta.
  • Urinary calculus and crystals.
  • Pain in bladder, inguinal region, penis and other bladder diseases except the prameha.

Uttarbasti Vidhi :

  • Purvakarma
  • Pradhan karma
  • Pacchat karma