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Results & Discussion

Effect of the subjective parameters has been shown in table 1. The age profile of the patients is shown in table 2. Results observed in this study are encouraging, which are 100% as noted at the end of maximum 11 uttarbasti (table 4). Pre and post procedural urethrography was carried out in all patients. Findings of urethrography revealed increase in the caliber of urethral lumen. Pre and post procedural urine flow rate was recorded. Pre procedural average urine flow rate was 30-50ml/10sec while after completion it improved up to 140-160ml/10sec. No post procedural complications, delayed complications and adverse effects were observed.

The mode of action of uttarbasti is irrespective of the site and the length of the stricture and the present study confirms the curative role of uttarbasti in urethral stricture(mutramarg sankoch). It shows better results as compare to present common techniques and could prove a blessing to the patients of urethral stricture (mutramarg sankoch).